• Intelligent Module – SeerBlade
    Intelligent Module – SeerBlade


    As the flagship product for the next generation of intelligent networks, SeerBlade for the first time equips cloud data center core switches with high-performance AI computing power, making S12500-x the industry's first high-level AI switch product equipped with CPU and GPU....

  • YMTC’s Xtacking? 2.0 Makes Its Debut at IC China 2019
    YMTC’s Xtacking? 2.0 Makes Its Debut at IC China 2019


    On September 2nd, 2019, right before IC China 2019 opened in Shanghai, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC), a subsidiary owned by Tsinghua Unigroup, announced that it would apply Xtacking? 2.0 in its third-generation 3D NAND flash. Tsinghua Unigroup introduced the technical concept......

  • Security Protection Technology
    Security Protection Technology


    Utilizing various sensors and scrambling algorithms, sensitive information on the chips is protected at the same level for financial payments and identification, while performance loss is minimized......

  • UNISOC formulates 5G strategy for global leadership
    UNISOC formulates 5G strategy for global leadership


    UNISOC is transforming the mobile communication industry in the 5G era through technological innovation and innovation-driven revolution. Recognizing the strong potential for global industry development, UNISOC will continue to cultivate the 5G market and remain a leading Chinese 5G high-end chipset brand.......

  • Xtacking:New 3D NAND Architecture
    Xtacking:New 3D NAND Architecture


    With Xtacking, the periphery circuits which handle data I/O as well as memory cell operations are processed on a separate wafer using the logic technology node that enables the desired I/O speed and functions......

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